Addicted again

Once again, work has been ludicrously busy and when I’ve got back from it I’ve been committed to finishing Raymond E Feist’s “Serpentwar” saga — lots of lovely pulpy fantasy (although strangely disappointed at the end of this one). I do seem to have that addictive personality type that wants to see things through once I’ve got into them. My Dad always used to say that if he liked an author, he’d read everything by them; I find myself doing the same, and shopping on Amazon to find any oustanding books… Its a tricky one. They should have a “buy all by this author” button…

Normal service will soon resume – have a huge backlog of stuff I want to blog about, and I think I’ll explode if I have to keep it in, or relay it via conventional conversation (yes, some of it is probably only interesting to me and a few odd people around the internet. Well, I hope so – I’m playing the numbers, there’s like a billion people out there on the net).

Anyway: watch this space.