SK to the limit

DSC00577 Not quite getting on to those substantive posts of which I spoke, but rather a requested post from a man more egocentric than even my humble self, the great SK had his birthday do last night at the ever-popular Sway bar, and it was an entertaining evening indeed.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve witnessed drinks ignited midway through the process of being imbibed, but Sam, having valiantly paced himself through the evening, was appropriately and sufficiently waylaid by his friends into consuming a number of flaming vials of that most aniseedy of elixirs — [[black sambuca]].

DSC00573 The net result – an entertaining evening. Whilst my rapidly approaching middle age had me home at a relatively early hour, it was not before I witnessed a fair few flaming shots, and a number of bongo-offs between SK and the resident, erm, bongo-er, and, indeed, borne witness to Steve’s more pyromaniacal tendencies.

And if questioned as to why I didn’t set fire to drinks in my mouth? Well, this should be enough answer for anyone…