Lactose-free dreams

Last night, so weird, that I feel I have to blog about them.

(1) I was about to go on holiday to New York, which was about 20 minutes away somehow. I was struggling to manage handover notes and for some reason had to brief Simon Cowell on the campaign plan we’d work him into for one of our clients — although the “Router-Factor” really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

(2) New York was a 20 minute walk across an Ocean (in my dream, “Atlantis”), via a raising bridge (qua Tower Bridge), and I was walking up the incline with my friends. It was too steep!

(3) I also took a train to get from work to the start of the bridge, from which beautiful views of a teeny-tiny and barely recognisable New York were visible, which gave me bad vertigo (a flying train – Astrotrain?) and noted that a very normal, very unlikely friend from work had 8 piercings and silver rings in his face.

Who needs cheesey pizzas or hallucinogenic drugs? Just eat a bowl of crunchy nut clusters with Tesco soy milk and you’re away, evidently….