Shayna and KP got married!

Lots, and lots, and lots of photos up on my Flickr photostream. Was a v. enjoyable celebration, and v. proud and happy for my cousin (and her groom, my new cousin-in-law).

Was a shame to have to rush back, but with another international wedding to attend this year, I’ve been using up my oh-so-finite allotment of leave.

Was great to see family on such good form – Baboo (Dhanisha) now fully capable of in-depth conversations! And no doubt Shayna will be able to return to those now that the stress and excitement of the wedding is over (for now)!!

P.s. I hate officious church… erm, officials. The “saviour” complex of these volunteers too often leads to priests being told what they can and can’t do by the “secretary of the church cheese collection committee” or some such, and (my particular vitriol) the enforcement of arbitrary restrictions on hymn choices which are too protestant in nature. Grrr.