On the general viscosity of sanguineus

Obviously in a particularly pretentious mood this evening, but what does it mean, the phrase “blood is thicker than water”? I’m glad its never been used against me, as I’d be forced to question it, most prodigiously. Egads, three episodes of Jeeves & Wooster and I’m sounding like Bertie already.

Anyway; I mean, obviously blood is thicker than water; but how has “water” come to signify non-familial relationships? It seems a bit odd; and particularly for someone (like myself) who has been happily enjoying a friendship circle that in many respects supplements my familial relationships… In any case, when you marry water, it doesn’t turn into blood by default, does it? The whole thing seems slightly subject to slightly arbirtrary shifts in perspective… And following a water-blood paradigmatic revolution… well, then. Well. Then. Well.


Tthe inspiration for this post, such as it is, is my cousin Shayna’s impending marriage to the stalwart and enigmatically initialled KP. Am massively, massively excited for cousin Shay and am only slightly dreading a 13-hour flight home, and me with a cold and all. The next few days should be fun, busy, and see me maniacally supplementing my Flickr-stream.