Duelling banjos

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I taught Matt how to duel with banjos (again – well, guitars) at this year’s stunning “Damo’s Bonza Coast Party”. Big up to Dr & Mr K for tolerating us, and to the big “banana oops” DK himself for not soiling his trousers and giving us all a great party. Gem’s “organised fun” went down a treat last night and we’ve all since returned happy & exhausted. Couple of more pics, of Matt & DK burning absinthe (and not chasing the dragon, no matter how much it may seem that way, and of a beachy sunset, on my flickr photostream – all taken with my flash new Sony DSC-T7 camera.

Many others on good form, including Tant Pis and “you don’t want to know what I’ve just googledApplegate, and Robin “Bum Charades is a real game” Sims-Williams. Was a stellar weekend.

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