Had a great few days away in Bordeax with Gem and her family. Here’s super-me enjoying some fine medoc on the edge of the beach, whilst eating some fine merguez covered pizza and enjoying Gem’s company… and trying to ignore the monster truck smash going on next door (which entertained me secretly).

P’raps more on this later. Montalivet is a fun part of the world, although BA, having lost my bag (don’t worry, they eventually found it… so much for quick check-in), are phenomenally incompetent.

Apologies for poor exposure, my digicam is on the blink…

4 thoughts on “Bordeauxlicious”

  1. *makes enlightened “Aaaah…” noise*

    Speaking of airports, Friday next week, I shall be touching down onto the tarmac of Gatwick en route to sunny Chichester… will you be making the journey there too?

  2. I will be making my way down to Chichester, though not looked into journey plans as yet. Won’t get out of work until 6-ish… What are your timings? Maybe we should take this offline…

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