The last three days have been gorgeous. The sun has been shining, people have been soaking it up and everyone’s been in a good mood.

My brother happened to pick this weekend to move (lucky!) , and have spent most of the sunshine days lugging stuff to, from, up, down, left & right. It’s been satisfying for the spring clean that goes alongside it, not to mention how good it is to see Arvind settled into a really nice place of his own and upgrade myself into his room myself!

That said, its been a strangely blue weekend for me. Despite the sunshine, and the excitement of the move, have been feeling somewhat… introspective.

There’ve been a number of things I’ve been thinking about.

(1) Sad that Arv’s going. While I’m mostly happy for brother mine to be spreading his wings, and we did barely see each other when we lived together, he has been a reassuring presence; a safety net and a solid co-habitant. I’ll miss him – although we’ll probably spend more time together now that he’s moved out then while he was living here! And I’ve got my sister’s permanent arrival to look forward to as well, so on the whole, a positive. But a little sad.

(2) I’ve dug up a bunch of correspondance / notes / memories from school and my early days at college. Those were tougher times for me and to be reminded of some of the difficulties was… taxing.

(3) Most of my close circle of friends are on holiday in Croatia! So I’ve been hanging by myself for most of the weekend…

That said, the overwhelming sense of achievement I have now overcomes that, and I think I’ll be able to handle work without too much pain tomorrow… I am 95% settled (well… maybe 80%… I have two large bags of stuff to file / put away that I’ve just bunged togher).

Anyway, this was a bit of a purposeless state-of-mind livejournal worthy post. Bet you weren’t expecting that, Internet. Or maybe you were. Damnit, foiled again.

Here’s hoping for more sunshine.