It’s my birthday… (03.10.80)

It really has been too long since I last blogged. But I’ve been busy at work, then busy sorting out my birthday, then ill as my immune system saw fit to give out on me on the eve of my birthday party (grrr… damn lazy white blood cells). Party was *awesome*, though, 42 (the magic number) of friends turned up over the course of the evening and we indulged in one of the silliest themes ever – “Better Red than Dead”/”Cold War Chic” – to which a couple of people (Rosi, Chris S) wore Russian medals, and to which the rest of us just wore red t-shirts (Damo, me, Moose, Matt, Richard, etc).

Wanted to share the brilliant work of Chris in sorting out the most amusing birthday card ever:

Out for now… Bo,

Armo the Great