Luton Bungalow

On Wednesday I went to see my brother perform at the Bloomsbury festival, as part of an ABCTales promoting-affair, which saw a couple of other ABCTalers reading their work, as well as the luminescent performance poet Zena Edwards, the amusing and quirky former resident of the Bronx Michale Donaghy (who recited a wonderful poem called “Black Ice and Rain” and inexplicably played the flute at us), and they hysterically entertaining John Hegley, on stage with all his vibrant humour, his ukelele, and his tales of his Luton Bungalow.

Arvind was fantastic; dressed in his Lex Luthor jacket he presented his very emotive story “Her London Bed”, and while his Indian/Malaysian accent didn’t hold entirely, he moved the audience, including me, despite having heard/read the story a number of times before.

[Listening to: Did You – Hoobastank – Spiderman 2 OST (03:19)]