“What is the why?”

Am reading an awesome book at the moment, which I thought I’d heartily recommend to the interweb at large: It’s called the Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and its by Michael Chabon. Telling the story of a couple of Jewish boys during the second world war, determined to cash in on “Opportunity” when it comes along and write a comic book that makes them “kill” (i.e. a lot of money – its not obvious in the book’s context, either).

Joe Kavalier is a Czech immigrant to the US, who’s recently escaped Hitler’s grasp, and is a prodigious artist and trained escape artist. Sammy Clay, Joe’s cousin, is an ambitious, but mediocre, artist, with a strong entrepreneurial bent, a gimpy leg from a childhood bout of polio, an extremely creative mind and a big heart. “What is the why” is Joe’s question to Sammy when wondering about the motivation of the hero of their comic book.

It’s a fantastic tale, and makes me excited about Spider Man 2, which according to Tom is written by Mr. Chabon. Tom should know, he tried to win a writing competition which the big MC adjudicated.

Of course, which such a great name, and such a good story behind it, it was merely a matter of time before they made a movie.

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