Where’s my brain, again?

So, near complete silence for two weeks? Ya-huh? That’s what gainful employment does to you, I guess. Yup, I am now a full member of society, I have colleagues (who are all very nice), a job I enjoy and the world of pain that getting up at 7.15 every day gets you. But its going well, and its funner than an evening with Michael Eisner, as they say.

That’s not to say that my mind has been idle; the reason for the emptiness of the blog has entirely been due to exhaustion and not at all to do with an under-active mind. In fact, the new people, the new stimuli, are great for my grey matter. Don’t expect genius from this blog, though; in fact, lower your expectations as far as you can, and prepare for a veritable onslaught of blog-entries.

[Listening to: We Are the Normal – Goo Goo Dolls – Superstar Car Wash (03:39)]