Points of reference

I’ve just started reading Jennifer Government, a novel by Max Barry; thus far its a very amusing vision of a dystopic ‘capitalizm’-centric universe. Here, the ultimate in marketing strategies involves not selling your product and then, when you finally do, shooting the people who buy it. It has a corresponding website, Nation States, which allows people to play a kind of political role-playing-game – you  get to choose the location and politics of your country.

Which brings me to my subject: points of reference. I have two; the Sun, and the Devil. Nothing is better than the Sun, and everything is better than the Devil. I don’t think there’s need for anything further.

To that end, I’ve started up two countries on Nation States – “The Rogue Nation of Badass Devils” and the “Republic of the Sunne“. In one, I will vote exactly opposite to my inclinations, in the other I will try to be faithful to them (I’ll let you, dear reader, decide which is which) – and we’ll see who ultimately prevails.

The ultimate battle between good and evil. Right here. Right now. Bring it.