I’m not quite sure what the devil’s going on, but since this website became “division6” I’ve been getting 50+ hits a day. It’s almost enough to make a guy feel he’s wanted. <Sniff>. It could just be my clicking through the site 50 times a day to see if someone’s been interested enough in something I’ve said to post a comment, or hack the entire site and replace it with pornography, but my sense of perspective is such that I know that neither of those eventualities are likely to occur, and so click through my site a mere 10 times a day…

And now to something purposeful. In the spirit of celebrating all things Australian, I’ve just watched ‘Infernal Affairs’ – a Hong-Kong-made cop movie set in Hong Kong, appropriately enough. It’s based on the premise that the Triads and the police are so determined to infiltrate each other that they send kids into deep cover in each other’s ranks for a decade, and then use them to either execute or stop drug deals, depending on which side you’re empathising with. It’s quality: starring Andy Lau, who stars, exec produces, and probably sings on the soundtrack too, it’s a great Far-East cop flick that, in addition to lacking all (well, many) of the Western stereotypes cop films are known for, genuinely has an interesting, suspenseful and well set-up plot.

Good work those men. If I were Siskel or Ebert, I’d raise some thumbs. As I’m not, I’ll throw a couple of shrimps on the barbie and call it a day.