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Back to running slowly

No sooner do I manage to get around to publishing the previous post than I manage to get back out on the roads again. My first two post-half-marathon runs were disappointing for time and distance… but unsurprising given that my eating, sleeping, stretching and exercising routines have all been somewhat disrupted in recent weeks.

On the plus side, I’ve run through scenic autumnal countryside, even just on casual jaunts towards Basingstoke. Much more compelling than the view of the North Circular I used to get on my London canal runs!

New shoes and winter running gear are on the shopping list, though, and I will be back to my promised weekendy running routine as soon as I can manage. The first frosts have hit the village and I definitely need  more willpower to get out of the house – the right gear will help motivate me through that! Running in tracksuit bottoms and fleece today was probably overkill, though…