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Welcome, The Long Slow Run readers

…both of you.

For the best part of a year, I’ve run a second blog, the Long Slow Run – initially in collaboration with a colleague, then solo, charting my newfound passion for running – which I took up last March and has seen me run two races (so far) and subject myself to hundreds of miles run and at least three pairs of trainers in the last 12 months.

Keeping up two separate blogs – when most people who seem to follow my antics do so via Facebook rather than RSS – seemed increasingly pointless, and a brief poll on LSR confirmed that people weren’t too bothered.

So – all my posts from LSR have been imported to division6, and a separate page (up in the nav, or here for those of you keeping up via RSS/Facebook) will now capture all my running related posting. I hope you either enjoy it, or will forgive the further profligacy on here. I can promise that my blogging volume is likely to drop to relatively normal levels once the sabbatical ends in a few weeks…