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This week’s run was blissfully on the beach down in West Wittering. With the tide out, Runkeeper’s official log of the run had me literally running on water. Which is, y’know, cool and stuff.

Of course, it’s not two runs, which was the new year resolution that’s failed to extend into February. This morning I woke up feeling continually ruined by the cold that hit me midweek last week and the theory that the run yesterday would make me feel better definitely didn’t carry through. Argh! Frustration!

So: will I make the distance next weekend? Travelling down to London for my brother’s birthday, so there’s a good chance that I’ll struggle again. And I need to start building the stretching routine in on a daily basis (regardless of runs) as a sore back and tight shins have added themselves to the list of gripes that started with the pinched nerve. It’s astonishing how quickly you start to feel the fundamental interconnectedness of all things as far as fitness is concerned.

<sigh>. I think I’ve found a half marathon, though, that might help the motivation. Anyone fancy joining me for the Bracknell half?