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Leasing trainers

For Christmas, one of my gifts from my lovely wife was a pictogram, which I failed to decipher… when it was interpreted for me, it transpired it was code for “New Balance Trainers”, as mine are probably past due for replacement, having served well over the “recommended” 200 miles they’re meant to cope with (as Sensei Paul tells me some companies advise).

Even at a modest level below my training target, this translates to 9 months at best  (if you run 6 miles per week – 2x5k runs) – which seems a bit meagre! So here’s a random shower thought / appeal to the sports shoe companies – if you can’t build trainers to last, how about you lease me a pair of trainers? I’ll pay £5 a month and you give me a new pair a year, and recycle the old ones.