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Malaysian food tour

Roti Canai (2) _Banana Leaf PhilA brief diversion; at our friends’ wedding a couple of weeks ago, there were a few Singaporeans there. Singaporeans and Malaysians are cultural and cuisinal [sic] siblings – we often have a similar outlook on life and – less controversially – a similar set of favourite foods.

As someone removed from Malaysia by nearly two decades, the Singaporeans were a little stunned at my rejection of two things – first, the convenience of house-staff, and second – coping without Malaysian food.

The latter was probably a greater shock to them and, indeed, it’s the bit I struggle with more. I don’t so much reject Malaysian food as have a lack of options for it from my Hampshire home.

For an excellent whistlestop tour of what makes Malaysian food so awesome, I point you at this excellent feature from Serious Eats, based on a trip sponsored by a Malaysian promotional agency.

It doesn’t go into any great deal on the Food of the Gods – Roti Canai – but I understand there will be follow ups. If they don’t pay sufficient attention to Roti, I will know that they have failed to properly investigate Malaysian food.