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Cloud gaming

OnLive_Logos_1Another @geowgeow pointer, I was reading about Onlive this week. A gaming service that streams the entire gameplay experience to you in a thin-client model – so you could play the game on the modern equivalent of a dumb terminal whilst graphics rendering, game processing, etc. happens in the cloud. For Onlive, the dumb terminal could be a PC, Mac, iPad or TV. Fiendishly clever innovation, one of those ‘new business models’ we keep talking about.

There’s a video explaining more here. The game line-up is pretty awesome, and it looks like you can either buy or subscribe

Wow. Who’d have thought broadband speeds were up to this? Well, mine isn’t with its mediocre 3mbp/s download speed and < 1 mbp/s upload, so I suspect a test of the service would be worse than futile, even if I had time for gaming… but it’ll certainly save people money on PC upgrades if it works!

It launches in the UK later this year according to Wired… one to watch!