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Army of Darkness defense – iPhone game review

Army of Darkness Defense Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

I used to spend a lot more time gaming than I do these days – the slightly dormant PS3, Xbox and Wii attest to that. But the iPhone has proved a good platform for the occasional gaming fix.

The newest addition to my games library is Backflip Studios‘ 59p game – Army of Darkness Defense. Based on the 1992 Sam Raimi film Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness – it sees Bruce Campbell‘s character face off against an army of ‘Deadities’ – undead warriors from the film – in a side-scrolling tower-defense game.

Huge fun. Original voices, clever upgrades to weapons and units, decent graphics for the gameplay style and compelling enough that you’ll be able to resist most of the in-game purchases – coins for upgrades – and instead just play the game obsessive compulsively until you clear wave 50 of the Deadites. There’s some slowdown when the waves get big – bring on the dual core iPhone 5 – but it’s not too bad.

My only significant criticism of the game? Only 50 waves… I’m hoping that a software patch will add a bit more variety to it.