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Winter morning

BadmintonHave commenced a weekly ritual of Badminton with Sheila and had a fun game today. But it was en route to the court, standing in the horizontal, spraying rain that I was transported back to my school days, going out to play games on the accursed Bourbon pitches on wet, unpleasant days like this one. You’ve got to love contextual memory.

The nostalgia made it all good. I stood there and let the world rain on me for a while.

Fantasy football

My teams are doing incredibly badly. I really need some professional consultancy. If anyone wants to recommend some players that might actually get me some points in the Metro FF league, I’d appreciate it.

At least Spurs won today. Oh yeah.

Spurs vs Slavia Prague

I’ve missed the last few Spurs matches (crushing defeats) and kind of been glad of it. Whilst I still make no pretence to know what’s going on, I have found myself quite emotionally invested and am actually getting quite stressed at Spurs inability to score tonight.

Argh. Hope we get a goal quite soon in the next half… expect updates!

Update: WE WON! Come on Keane, you got the monkey off our back! That was fantastic… I was really expecting a 0-0 draw, so a 1-0 victory is approximately infinity better. Woohoo! That feels good.