Xbox £360

I really want an Xbox 360. I mean, mostly because it’s new and fancy and I’d like to see what hi-def games look like on my plasma screen, but at least partly because I want to play the new Elder Scrolls game.

But: that’s probably the only game I want to play, and to get the kit I need to make my Xbox 360 useful as a console (Premium pack, second wireless controller, the Elder Scrolls game) I’d actually have to spend £360. Which is outrageous.

Sadly, with the PS3’s delay and rumoured pricing (apparently around £350 for the console alone, if rumours and misquotes can be believed, which, apparently, they can’t) — the price on the 360 is unlikely to drop for a while. So I guess I’ll hold tight – and see what they come up with. If they release Halo 3, then I may break, but odds are that will be delayed till November as well.

Damn my tendency to want instant gratification, and my lack of limitless funds…